The Welsh Church, Welsh Street, Tarnagulla.

Written by Donald W. Clark.
Taken from "Tarnagulla - A History" which he compiled in 1985.

On August 19th, 1858, the Sandy Greek correspondent of the Maryborough and Dunolly Advertiser, reported that the Welsh were also stirring in religious affairs and a weatherboard chapel was built in Welsh St. just east of the main Street, later Commercial Rd.

Services were held whenever a minister was available. On Sunday 10th, 17th, and 24th of February 1867 Mr. Miles of the Congregational College at Melbourne, conducted the services in Welsh. He also preached at services held in the assembly room at Josiah Marrow's New Chum Hotel at New Chum (later Maidentown, now Llanelly).

In January 1893 the church was sold and after all debts were paid the balance was distributed to Dunolly Hospital, Tarnagulla Benevolent Society, Tarnagulla Cemetery and the Sunday schools.

The Chapel was removed to Llanelly, where it was remodeled and became St. David's Church of England and served as such for quite a number of years.
With the decline in population at Llanelly it was necessary to close the church which was sold and removed to Bradford for a private amenities hall. This was during the early 1970s.