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400 - October 6, 2015 8:51:16 PM
Name: Liz Hurst
Email Contact: bruscair@internode.on.net
Location: Tarnagulla & Bulabul Creek
Period: 1852 to 1890
Interests: -Richard James Page gold mining 9 years at Tarnagulla from 1850s and farmer at Bulabul Creek in 1870s. Died 1880 at Bulabul Creek.
- William Herbert Page did compositor work for Inglewood Advertiser, died 1884 Inglewood.
- Elizabeth (ka Charlotte) Nicholls, m1 Marriott, m2 Page, m3 Catchpole. Died at Bulabul Creek 1888.
- William Catchpole farmer Bulabul Creek 1870 - 1890. William married Elizabeth (aka Charlotte) widow of Richard James Page, then married Jane nee Crane, widow of William Herbert Page. William died 1908 at Eaglehawk.
Message: Interested in family at Bulabul Creek near Tarnagulla
- Richard James Page, died 1880
- William Herbert Page, died 1884
- Elizabeth (ka Charlotte) nee Nicholls. Married 1st Marriott, m2 Page, m3 Catchpole. Died 1888.
- William Catchpole, died 1908.

399 - September 19, 2015 4:18:40 PM
Name: Ann Daniel
Email Contact: anndaniel147@gmail.com
Location: Tarnagulla
Interests: Runting, Neville families.
Message: Would be interested to hear more of the Edward Runting family please.

395 - August 2, 2015 9:34:22 AM
Name: Roslyn Richardson
Email Contact: rosepetels1@gmail.com.au
Location: Ipswich, Qld
Interests: John William & Emma Davies nee Pritchard family of Tarnagulla
Message: Thank you for all the help u have given me. 2015 hasn't been a very good year with many family deaths including my Mother Happily another great granddaughter born 2 weeks before my Mother her 2nd great grandmother passed hopefully 2016 will be better

394 - August 2, 2015 9:24:03 AM
Name: Roslyn Richardson
Email Contact: rosepetels1@gmail.com.au
Location: Ipswich, Qld
Period: 1860-1888
Interests: John William Davies wife Emma Davies nee Pritchard their 2 children born in Tarnagulla 1. William James b. 16 Jul 1862 and 2. Florence Margaret b. 1864 d. Carlton, Melbourne 1887
Message: trying to find out more about the Tarnagulla Courier there are a lot of articles would love to read in full, Trove doesn't have this newspaper so where should I look or get a copy of 4 papers, 18 Aug 1866, 7 Dec 1867,21 Jan 1888, 18 Feb 1888

393 - July 4, 2015 9:18:29 PM
Name: Colin Rowley
Email Contact: colinrowley_au@yahoo.com.au
Location: Pascoe Vale
Interests: looking for any relevant family history on Rowley, Hunt, Ashton, Murray and Lockhart.
Message: This is a great site. My father, brother, sister in law, and myself will visit Tarangulla soon. We intend to look at Dad's family house which was transported from Spotswood in 1971. Neither of us have seen the house since it was in Spotswood.

384 - March 24, 2015 3:22:19 PM
Name: michael rowed
Email Contact: mnrowed@bigpond.com
Location: Melbourne
Period: 1922-1953
Interests: Would like to hear from anyone who knew (or of) my mother Barbara A Duncan 1922-1953 with Silke & Castleman families Murphys Creek. I was adopted out at 6 months & never met her.
Message: My Mother was Barbara Annie Duncan who lived with both the Silke & Castleman families during 1922-1953. She is buried at Tarnagulla. Would love to hear of any useful information about her life with either of above families.

380 - February 9, 2015 4:12:46 PM
Name: Janet Caldwell
Email Contact: jancal34@bigpond.com
Location: Wheelers HIll
Period: 1914 - 1924
Interests: James and Margaret Caldwell. Father: Thomas Caldwell/
Message: My husband's grand parents: James and Margaret (Cashen) Caldwell had a hotel in Tarnagulla during these years, but I don't know which hotel. Is there anyone who light know? Thanks
Janet Caldwell

379 - February 8, 2015 2:23:05 PM
Name: Margaret Barlow
Email Contact: ken-marg@datafast.net.au
Location: Jack River Yarram, Victoria
Interests: Jonathon Falder was my gggrandfather. His son Jonathon (John) married my ggrandmother Jeannie (Sheldrake then Aplin.) Both her husbands committed suicide. My gggrandfather was Walter Laidlaw who also lived in Tarnagulla. His son was Thomas Minto Laidlaw and he had my grandfather Victor Rupert Laidlaw. Both these families lived in Tarnagulla but didn't know they would inter marry. If anyone relates to any of these people please contact me.
Message: This is a great site, so much work. I have visited Tarnagulla and spent time going through the cemetery. Found some of my decendents.I also got some photos of the Wesleyan Church as my ggrandfather preached a service.

372 - January 4, 2015 1:58:14 PM
Name: Vicki Farr
Email Contact: veryfarr@hotmail.com
Location: Bendigo
Period: All
Interests: Interested in the Lummis family from Tarnagulla not the Dunolly Lummis family

Interested in any information on Herbert Thomas Lummis and his children Ernest and May. Herbert was a farmer, Section C Parish of Tarnagulla
Message: I just stumbled across this site and I want to express how impressed and thrilled to see the history of Tarnagulla preserved.

363 - December 5, 2014 10:08:40 AM
Name: Peter Donovan
Email Contact: peter.j.donovan@accenture.com
Location: Hereford, UK
Interests: Dr. Phillip Henry Donovan was my
Message: I was amazed to find a wonderful photo of my great great uncle who died young (37/38) and I would like to find out much more about him. Many thanks, Pete

356 - November 15, 2014 4:48:05 PM
Name: Ken Bock
Email Contact: samsservant@bigpond.com
Location: Bendigo
Interests: Bock, Radnell, Theobald, Dunlop
Message: Any contact welcome from anyone who can add to our info on the Hermann Bock family. We are well on the way to writing a history of the Bock family in Australia, but now need to contact more descendants who can supply stories and/or photos.

313 - September 13, 2014 6:58:21 PM
Name: Lorraine Huddle (Runting family)
Email Contact: lorrainehuddle@gmail.com
Location: Ballarat
Interests: Runting family. Charles Runting is my great grandfather. He was a cordial manufacturer. His daughter Millicent is my grandmother and she married my grandfather, Robert Huddle, in Sea Lake in 1913.
Message: Hi

Your web page is fantastic. I would like to learn more about my 'Runting' family and it seems like they were located in Tarnagulla.

thank you

Lorraine Huddle

269 - July 16, 2014 12:51:25 PM
Name: Glynne Cousins-Pietzsch
Email Contact: glynnecp@bigpond.net.au
Location: Yea
Period: 1800's on
Interests: Cousins, Hooks, Jenkins
Message: Went to the site suggested to buy Cd of Cemetery could not find said CD, didn't seem to be listed or did I miss it Thanks.

263 - June 27, 2014 6:50:47 PM
Name: royal
Email Contact: aanberuang48@gmail.com
Homepage: royal
Homepage URL: http://www.royalegoal.com/
Location: indonesia
Period: i like
Interests: thanks
Message: I spent much time in Tarnagulla with Aunty Vera and Uncle Gerald when l was a child and have many happy memories of Tarnagulla.

262 - June 20, 2014 5:10:10 PM
Name: sinta
Email Contact: aanberuang48@gmail.com
Homepage: post
Homepage URL: http://goo.gl/fDZuha
Location: indonesia
Period: i like
Interests: Tarnagulla.
Message: Tarnagulla with Aunty Vera and Uncle Gerald when l was a child and have many happy memories of Tarnagulla.

260 - June 14, 2014 9:03:26 PM
Name: Jane Oliver
Email Contact: janeoliver631@hotmail.com
Location: Tarngulla
Interests: Any information on the Bool Girls. I know very little a part from the fact they all seemed to be school teachers.
Message: My Nanna was Florence Amy Bool and my Great Aunt was Vera Bool who married Gerald Benson. I spent much time in Tarnagulla with Aunty Vera and Uncle Gerald when l was a child and have many happy memories of Tarnagulla.

259 - June 1, 2014 9:20:48 AM
Name: Lynne Byrne (Stuart)
Email Contact: byrnesdry@gmail.com
Location: Swan hill
Period: 50 years
Interests: Sadie Isabell Taylor my mother born in Tarnagulla
William Alexander Stuart born Scotland
Sadie's mother was Elizabeth Taylor
Message: Interested in this sight to research my family would love some more info or if I can be any help with the links?

255 - May 2, 2014 7:55:23 PM
Name: Neisha
Email Contact: neisha@yahoo.com
Homepage: http://goo.gl/0e2B5f
Homepage URL: http://goo.gl/0e2B5f
Location: lampung
Interests: Places and local history
Message: I interested in the hystory about the place and also the old picture that you gave. Thank you

251 - April 20, 2014 11:51:09 PM
Name: Brendan Hughes
Email Contact: brendanjhughes1@hotmail.com
Location: Sale Vic
Period: 1890's
Interests: My great grandmother was a lady by name of Helen Alexander Hughes (nee McLean) doing research found she died at Tarnagulla april 1895 aged 30 from TB attended by Dr Donavon was hoping to find out more about her and where they buried her.
Message: Family history

249 - March 31, 2014 11:28:07 AM
Name: Roslyn Richardson
Email Contact: rosepetels1@gmail.com
Location: Tarnagulla
Period: 1860-1877
Interests: My GG Grandmother Emma Pritchard 1841-1877 married 1860 John William Davies 1834/5-1888 their 2 children William James b.16/7/1862 & Florence Margaret b. ?/1864 Tarnagulla Emma's brother William Jones Pritchard was living in Tarnagulla and was trustee for his brother in law 1867 and had left the district by 1876. would like to find out more about him and also Florence Margaret Davies' birth in 1864
Message: Thank you for a fascinating page re Tarnagulla and including my Davies family, now I would like to find out about the Pritchard side

Total number of entries: 185.

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